40/4 chair

40/4 stacking and linking chair

High-density stacking chairs with plastic, veneered or upholstered seats and backs on steel or wood frames; optional armrests, linking, writing tablets and under-seat storage baskets.  A low, high and adjustable swivel version are also available.

40_4 hook and eye link detail

40_4 grey fabric chairs + fin linking

40_4 white chair with folded black writing tablet

40-4 chairs with black writing tablets

40/4 wood chair

40/4 wood frame with seat pad

40/4 chairs in wood, stacked

40/4 stacking chairs on a trolley

40/4 upholstered stacking armchairs

Multiple 40/4 chairs stacked

40/4 chair colours

40/4 bar stool

40/4 swivel armchair


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