Connectivity through the desk


Connectivity to a power supply at 3, 5, 13, 16 or 32A or wireless charging to appropriately enabled technology; twin USB charging and USB or RJ45 Category 6 data transfer; VGA, HDMI and audio-visual outlets: a variety of safe, standard and tailor-made network connections, applied to or integrated within furniture.

Porthole power+data outlet

Porthole in light grey

Porthole power outlet

Porthole + USB fast charging

Porthole wireless charging

Poerthole power outlet

Conti power and data

Conti power module with tap-off

Elite power module

Elite data module

Contour power module

Contour power and data module

Wdge power and data outlet

Connectivity above the desk

Rotasoc power system

Rotasoc power with tap-off

Rotasoc twin socket outlet

Fusion cable basket

Premium cable basket

Cable management

Spiral cable management

Cable tidy with zip