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At your service approach

Yes, we’re in business, and our primary function is to pay our bills and make a profit.  Our job, however, is to provide products and service and the way we approach this is much more important.  The principle is simple but the reality is often complex.
We could meet up and see what's to be done.


Design is fantastic - universally good.

Design service

Design is in this, that and the other; it's all around us, in all things made.  It can delight our senses and inform our values.  Design is an artform - with a difference.  A piece of art is subjective, need serve no purpose and ultimately no-one has to like it.  Conversely, each and every work of art has values and above all else, these values are about the work itself.  The difference between art and design is performance: if art may exist for itself, design must exist for the benefit of others.


Metal, wood or wool.


The manufacturing process begins with the raw materials.
Hands, tools and machines transform these resources into practical and affordable pieces of furniture.  Our furniture is made to order, crafted in small workshops or produced in large factories from the UK, Europe and beyond.  You can choose from a great many standard ranges, finishes and colours or we can make something personal and unique.


We meticulously plan our work.


To ensure you’re ready, willing and able to receive your furniture, we agree  a sequence of events to co-ordinate supply and access.  We arrange  mechanical or manual handling, protection and temporary  storage space. We define routes for the distribution of goods and materials to their final destinations or assembly zones.  We co-operate with you, your agents and contractors and square up to delays, interruptions and circumstances beyond our control.


When furniture arrives, it needs setting up.


This can simply be un-packing and putting it into place.  At the other end of the scale,  there are thousands of components that need distributing and assembling.
Our experienced team of fit fitters manage all aspects of the installation, top to bottom, inside and out.


Efficient, safe, secure.


Our commitment to safety, well-being and the environment is demonstrated by the production of risk assessments, method statements and operating and maintenance manuals: practical guidelines for the daily care and use of your furniture.  We responsibly dispose of waste materials, packaging and protection: monitor, maintain and re-new tools and personal equipment.

And we move, maintain and repair your furniture –
happily ever after.