Textbook’s A Series

Textbook furniture's A Series in Terracotta suede coating



The A series is a range of tables in three geometric shapes: the triangle, the square and the trapeziform.

The furniture can be arranged in any number of different ways to serve almost every applicable function: for individual and team offices, meeting and dining rooms, receptions, conference suites and lecture theatres. 

Textbook's A Series ad-hoc Teak tables

Textbook's A Series Teak desk

Textbook's A Series Teak desk

Textbook A Series Cherry executive desk

Testbook A Series Cherry meeting table

Textbook A Series Cherry desk

Textbook's A Series Teak workstations


Textbook's A Series is presented in three carefully selected and distinct styles.
Wood tables have solid Cherry or Maple legs with a top in patterned veneers,
colour is offered from a choice of suede-coatings and legs are finished with
an epoxy powder coating when combined with an alternative veneer top.

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